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DD Audio BSI-1

Artikelnummer: BSI-1

DD Audio BSI is a product that gives you MORE BASS. From virtually any hardware. And it comes with a level control. And a line converter!

The device has an adjustable subsonic filter and a low-pass filter with a slope of 24dB / oct. You can adjust exactly where you want the bass frequencies to be cut off at both the top and bottom. These allow you to get a little more out of the reflex enclosure, for example, in the area that the enclosure plays and protect the element by cutting off sounds below the tuning frequency.

Multifunctional level control is also included. In other words, with this device, you get the much-needed bass knob even for those large amplifiers that did not have one themselves (for example, SounDigital amplifiers). In addition to the level, the control also allows you to adjust the intensity of the effect you have made and set it ON / OFF. You can make an ″rebassed ″ adjustment that has MORE BASS in all your music. And the controller to choose whether you want to use it or not if it sometimes makes sense to listen to music more normally. These two things already make this device worth buying if you have a large amplifier and not a separate DSP with which you take care of the adjustments.

Active line converter. The device also accepts a speaker-level signal so it also acts as an active line converter. The unit automatically detects the speaker level signal and wakes up. And also give a wake up to your amplifier if you want. Alternatively, the device can also be switched on with a separate remote cable.

Line amplifier. The device picks up signal levels between 0.5-40 V. In other words, it can be connected to virtually any player or OEM amplifier. And it gives out a signal level of up to 10 volts. In other words, with this device you can increase the line voltage given by the OEM headunit to completely different readings.

As is typical of DD, this device also has a clip light that allows you to see when the signal is distorted.


Operating Voltage: 10-16V
High-Level Input Impedance: 180Ω
RCA Input Impedance: 20KΩ
RCA Output Voltage: 10V
High-Level Input: S/N 106 dBA
RCA Input: S/N 0.05%
High-Level Input THD: 0.05%
High-Level Input Sensitivity: 2-20V / 4-40V
Rca Input Sensitivity: 0.5-5V / 1-10V
REM OUT Output Current: 12V 500 mA
Turn On: 10V (REM), 1.3V (SPK/DC), 15mV (RCA)
Input Channels: 2
Output Channels: 2
Frequency Response: 15 – 20,000 Hz
Low Pass Filter: 50Hz-500Hz 24dB/Oct
Sub Sonic Filter: 15-50Hz 24dB/Oct
Effect Boost Level: 0-18dB
Frequency Effect Range: 30-80Hz
Dimensions mm (LxWxH) 155 x 87.4 x 27.


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