HemKablar & TillbehörFOUR Connect – Stänksäker ANL-hållare 20/70 mm2 – 4-600431

FOUR Connect – Stänksäker ANL-hållare 20/70 mm2 – 4-600431

Artikelnummer: 4-600431

High-quality and splash-proof ANL fuse holder.

With this you can use 50/35mm2 cables, as well as 20mm2 with the supplied reduction sleeve.

(It is also possible to use 70mm2 cables by removing the sealing rings from the holder. Note! the product is no longer waterproof after this).
Thanks to its small size, it is possible to install it even in tight spaces.

The holes at the ends allow you to fasten it with screws or cable ties.
The frame is weatherproof plastic.
The opening cover is made of flexible rubber, so changing fuses is easy and quick.
Does not include a fuse (compatibility, all ANL fuses).



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