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Baspaket DD Audio PSW212-D2

Artikelnummer: Basskit DD PSW212-D2

Digital Designs Basskit with 2×12″ PSW subwoofers and BIG subwoofer enclosure.

The REDLINE PSW ( power ) Series subwoofers are a more powerful version of the REDLINE SW series subwoofers. REDLINE PSW subwoofers has been improved in every area compared to REDLINE SW series: – Bigger voice coil – Better power handling – Longer Xmax – Bigger magnet – MORE REAL BASS!

The remodel of 4-AI212SLOT is an BIG subwoofer enclosure, made of MDF board. The large port with rounding. Enclosure is upholstered at black carpet and the front panel has carbon fiber look tape. Enclosure has cable terminals also. Dimensions: width 930mm x height 380mm x depth 400mm



Speaker size: (in) 12
Watts RMS: 400
Watts peak: 800
Impedance: D2
VCD: (in) 2.5
Piston diameter: (in) 10
FS: (Hz) 37
Qms: 5.835
Qes: 0.845
Qts: 0.738
Vas: (liters) 30.23
dBSPL: 87
Xmech: (mm) 29
Xmax: (mm) 13
Frame OD: (in) 12.126
Frame OD w/Gasket: (in) 11.17

Mounting diameter: (in) 11.02
Mounting depth: (in) 6.53
Motor diameter: (in) 6.14
Motor depth: (in) 2.59
Magnet weight: (Oz) 100
Woofer displacement: (CuFt) 0.07
Ported enclosure: (CuFt) 1.75-2.75
Shipping weight: (lbs) 19.


Ported enclosure for 2×12″ subwoofer
Net volume: 2×40 liters.
Port area: 350 cm2
Port height: 350mm
Port width: 100mm
Tuning frequency: 38 Hz
Diameter of speaker hole: 285mm
Measurements ( W x H x D ): 930 x 380 x 400.


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