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STP Bomb Aero Bulk

Artikelnummer: Bomb Aero Bulk Pack

– Best damping performance for noise and resonances
– Effective also in higher temperatures + 20- +50c
– Water and oil repellent
– Preheating needed when installing
– Many different installation possibilities car, home appliances, air conditioning / sewer pipes


STP BOMB AERO is a three-layer construct, consisting of aluminium foil (the facing layer)
with embossment, a bitumen layer, and an adhesive polymer layer, covered with
antiadhesive paper.

Before installation, antiadhesive paper must be partly peeled off. The parts without
antiadhesive paper apply to the edge of the mounting surface, warm it up with a heat gun, and
press with rags. Step-by-step, while antiadhesive paper peels off, the next part of the material
must be warmed up and pressed to the metal surface. An attempt to peel the material off after
installation can lead to its destruction.

Package size: 2,4m2
Package contains: 12 sheets
Sheet size: 375 x 530mm
Thickness: 4,2mm


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