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SounDigital RLC Bass remote control

Artikelnummer: SD RLC

Wired bass remote control for Soundigital amplifiers

– Level adjustment
– Clipping Indicator

This product ONLY works with SounDigital amplifiers that have a connection to a level controller. Remote level control is compatible with Power series amplifiers, EvoX series amplifiers ,EVO 4.0 and EVO 5 series amplifiers.


Suitable for all SounDigital ampifiers which have remote connector on amplifier.

Compatible amplifiers:

Soundigital 1200.1 EVO 5
Soundigital 1600.1 EVO 5
Soundigital 2000.2 EVO 5
Soundigital 3000.1 EVO 5
Soundigital 5000.1 EVO 5

Soundigital 3000.1 EVO 4.0
Soundigital 5000.1 EVO 4.0
Soundigital 8000.1 EVO 4.0
Soundigital 12000.1 EVO 4.0

Soundigital 3000.1 EVOX
Soundigital 5000.1 EVOX
Soundigital 8000.1 EVOX
Soundigital 12000.1 EVOX
Soundigital 20000.1D EVOX
Soundigital 35000.1D EVOX

Soundigital 3300.1D-1 POWER
Soundigital 5500.1D-1 POWER
Soundigital 5500.1D-1 POWER
Soundigital 20000.1D POWER.


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