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GZ Hydrogen Power 2×12″ + Slutsteg och låda

Artikelnummer: GZ Hydrogen Power 2×12 inc

GZ Hydrogen Power 2×12 inc includes 2pcs of GZHW 30XSPL-D1 subwoofers, 1pcs of 4-AI212SLOT enclosure and Ai-Sonic S2-A2200.1 Amplifier with wired remote control.


High-Grade Technology
Products of the HYDROGEN series match with the demands of highly sophisticated customers.
Amazing performance, great sound quality and high SPL whenever required.
The subwoofers have been developed to handle a huge amount of input power reaching extremely high bass levels, to be used successfully even under competition conditions.
A matching 2-way component speaker system and a number of MINI amplifiers with compact dimensions for limited installation space complete this famous GROUND ZERO line-up.


4-AI212SLOT is an BIG subwoofer enclosure, made of MDF board.
The large port with rounding.
Enclosure is upholstered at black carpet and the front panel has carbon fiber look tape. Enclosure has cable terminals also.
Dimensions: width 930mm x height 380mm x depth 400mm

S2-A2200.1 With S2-BASS KNOB:

AI-Sonic S2-A2200.1 is mono D class amplifier for users, who want to feel pure sound quality.
Amplifier gives more power as there are mentioned at the specs.

Finished dark cover, which profile is brushed black aluminium.
When amplifier is on. There is indicator light in AI-Sonic logo!

Includes a remote control, which has three different indicator-leds.
(protection, power and clipping)
(Works only when LPF is turned on.)



Model: GZHW 30SPL
Diameter: 300 mm / 12″
Mounting diameter: 315 mm / 12.4“
Mounting depth: 198 mm / 7.8“
Voice coil: 75 mm / 3” copper voice coil
Cone: Reinforced paper
Power Handling: 3000 W SPL Power
Impedance: 2 x 1 Ohm
SPL: 85 dB
Xmax: 45 mm / 1.77″
Fs: 35.4 Hz
Qts: 0.44
Vas: 15.8 L / 0.56 cu.ft.


Ported enclosure for 2×12″ subwoofer
Net volume: 2×40 liters.
Port area: 350 cm2
Port height: 350mm
Port width: 100mm
Tuning frequency: 38 Hz
Diameter of speaker hole: 285mm
Measurements ( W x H x D ): 930 x 380 x 400.

S2-A2200.1 With S2-BASS KNOB:

RMS POWER (1ohm) THD 0.5% 2200W
RMS POWER (2ohm) THD 0.5% 1400W
RMS POWER (4ohm) THD 0.5% 750W
BRIDGED POWER(2ohm) THD 0.5% 4400 W ( Link )
BRIDGED POWER(4ohm) THD 0.5% 2800W ( Link )
T.H.D: 0.5%
BANDWIDTH: 10-200 Hz
LOW PASS: 50-200 Hz
BASS BOOST: 0-12dB(@45 Hz)
POWER FUSE: External 250A

Cable fitting size:
+12V = 50mm2
GND = 50mm2
REM = 6mm2
SPEAKER = 20mm2

Current Draw (Max): 250A

DIMENSIONS: W: 183mm / (7.2 IN)
H: 60mm / (2.4 IN)
L: 524mm / ( 20.6 IN).


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