HemKablar & TillbehörGround Zero 35mm2 200A

Ground Zero 35mm2 200A

Artikelnummer: GZPK 35X

Ground Zero’s amplifier installation kit is an easy, affordable and functional solution for amplifier installation!

There are installation kits in four different size categories. All sets include an RCA cable, a fuse box, a fuse and the necessary connectors. The package contains 5.2 meters of power cable and 0.8 meters of ground cable. The insulation of the power and ground cables is very flexible, so the cables are easy to install.

In the GZPK35X installation kit, the power and ground cables are 35 mm2


35 mm² Cable kit
5,2 m / 17ft 0.7244098in Powercable red
0,8 m / 2ft 7.496063in Powercable black
5 m / 16ft 4.850394in RCA triple shield with remote
200 A ANL Fuseholder, div. Accessories.


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