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DD Audio DSI-3

Artikelnummer: DSI-3

The NEW DSI-3 audio signal processor vastly improves upon the previous DSI-2 with multiple upgrades based on direct customer feedback. Improvements were made to the processing power, input channels, ouput channels, wireless connectivity, setup features, OEM integration, and EQ capability. Even though the feature upgrades were big the size was kept small with only a 1.5″ increace to the chassis lenght.

DD Audio DSI-3 is a DSP that can be controlled via Android or Apple devices or via PC.


Signal inputs both high-level and low-level. Remote system is selectable auto-high, auto-low or cable. This is excellent choice to use with OEM head units. Or to any system where easy-to-use DSP is wanted.


Inputs have summing possibility. Some OEM systems do not have full range signals in one pair of cables, so signal summing helps you to get full range signal in.


This processor can be adjusted via PC ( USB-B cable ) or via Apple or Android devices using bluetooth ( DSI-3 has built-in bluetooth). You can use the bluetooth to both adjustments and audio streaming.


Optional remote unit ( DSI-3RMT ) has volume control ( independent master / subwoofer control ) and choice of memory positions.


With this DSP you can make all adjustments to active systems.

Operating Voltage: 8.7 – 16.5
Input Channel(s): 6
Output Channel(s): 12
RCA Input Voltage Sensitivity: 0.3-3.2v (CH1 – CH4) / 0.6-6.4v (CH5 – CH6)
High-Level Input Voltage Sensitivity: 2-20v (CH1 – CH4) / 4-40v (CH5 – CH6)
RCA Output Voltage: 0.2V – 5V
RCA Input Impedance: ≥ 20kΩ
High Level Input Impedance: 240Ω
RCA Output Impedance: ≥ 50kΩ
RCA Input S/N: ≥ 105dBA
High-Level Input S/N: ≥ 115dBA
THD: < 0.02%
Parametric / Graphic EQ: 31 bands
Sampling Frequency: 192 kHz
Bit Depth: 32 bit
Processing Speed: 395 MHz
Remote Control: Remote Available, Sold Separately
Remote Out Current: 12V ≤ 500mA
Dimensions (Inches): 7.5 x 4.2 x 1.5
Dimensions (MM): 191 x 107 x 39


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