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DD Audio AT-28a PRO

Artikelnummer: AT-28a pro

The New AT-28a PRO is a new design that offers a soft rich sound with extraordinary detail and excellent off axis response. This 1.1” natural silk dome coupled to a high roll surround is ultra light for both higher sensitivity and extended frequency bandwidth. The dome is driven by a copper clad aluminum ribbon wire voice coil wound on a titanium former in an underhung magnet gap. This ultra light and rigid structure passes energy without distortion.

The diaphragm system is driven by a powerful neo magnet motor with copper shorting ring. The motor is mounted in a dual balanced compression chamber improving the transient dynamics over a broad bandwidth. The internal flow optimized vents and baffles eliminates standing waves between the chambers and couples the air masses together, and in combination with the high roll surround, allows an ultra low Fs of 675 Hz. The laser etched backplate and large hex pattern grill aesthetically finishes off this sonically stunning driver.


– 1.1” Natural Silk Fiber Dome
– Titanium Alloy Voice Coil Former
– Copper Clad Aluminum Ribbon Wire Voice Coil
– Neodymium Motor
– Dual Chamber Tuned Rear Cavity
– Copper Shorting Ring Design
– Laser Etched Back Plate
– Gold Plated set Screw Terminals
– Smooth Frequency Response From 3kHz – 25kHz

Speaker Size (MM): 28
Watts RMS: 50
Watts Peak: 125
Impedance: S4
VCD (MM): 28
Frequency Response (Hz): 1500 – 25k
Fs (Hz): 675
dBSPL: 91.2
Mounting Diameter (MM): 40.6
Mounting Depth (MM): 17


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