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Basskit DD 612F

Artikelnummer: BASSKIT DD 612F

BASSKIT DD 612F includes 2 pcs of DD Audio 612f-d2 subwoofers and a sturdy 4-AI212SLOT enclosure.

DD Audio 612f:

The 600f Series offers a wide range of DD AUDIO’s most popular Power Tuned Subwoofers designed for remarkable power handling, to be a serious bassheads daily driver.

Previous revisions of the 600, 700 and 800 Series subwoofers made them bigger and better and in this latest “f” revision they receive precision engineered, thermal cooling enhancements of major significance along with some design work that is literally cutting edge.

The “f” revision subwoofers were specially engineered to deliver improved thermal transfer. The Dual Stage Aluminum Heat Sink works to conduct heat away from soft components, into open chambers where the Free Flow Cooling System is pushing through cooler inducted air in order to expel this heat.

As the top plate thickness was increased the voice coil winding was lengthend to keep more coil wire in the gap. More coil wire surrounded by both motor steel and billet aluminum pulls more heat away from the coil in all conditions, optimizing electrical efficiency in long term usage.

Increased Xmax and excursion required enhancements to the moving system, therefore taller surrounds have been tooled and the spider refined to fully optimize the new motor design. The taller surrounds are double stitched to fiberglass loaded non-pressed cones. Double layer, multiple spiders continue the DD tradition of long term durability.

FOUR Audio 4-AI212SLOT:

The remodel of 4-AI212SLOT is an BIG subwoofer enclosure, made of MDF board.
The large port with rounding.
Enclosure is upholstered at black carpet and the front panel has carbon fiber look tape. Enclosure has cable terminals also.
Dimensions: width 930mm x height 380mm x depth 400mm


DD Audio 612f

– 12″ subwoofer
– 2.5″ voice coil wound of Made in USA wire
– 2x 2 ohms
– alucast frame with dd-logos
– power handling 1000 W RMS, 3000 W Peak
– weight: N/A
– mounting diameter: 292.1mm
– mounting depth: 187 mm
– x-mech: 60 mm
– x-max: +- 22 mm
– fs: 31 Hz
– qts: 0,4075
– vas: 81.16 Liter
– recommended ported enclosure: 49-78 liter ( NET )


Ported enclosure for 2×12″ subwoofer
Net volume: 2 x 40 liters
Port area: 350 cm2
Port height: 350mm
Port width: 100mm
Tuning frequency: 38 Hz
Diameter of speaker hole: 285mm
Measurements ( W x H x D ): 930 x 380 x 400


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